When the author started to delve into economics, years ago, it was difficult to find books wherein these themes were made easily accessible and this without a strong political bias. Especially in the Dutch language, these books were rare. So, he decided to write such a book himself. That is how the book “Economics, Politics and the EUro Crisis” is born.

However, it is the author’s ambition to have this book also translated in different languages. The German version is already planned. But for versions in other languages, help is very welcome. If you can help, please contact the author!

In this respect, the author would like to finish with a quote of the Austrian-American economist Ludwig von Mises

Whoever wants lastingly to establish good government,

must start by trying to persuade his fellow citizens

and offering them sound ideologies. . . .

There is no hope left for a civilization,

when the masses favour harmful policies.

Ludwig von Mises

Omnipotent Government (1944), page 120