The Author

Bert Wenkenbach is convinced that the best social security is the creation of jobs. In his book “Economics, Politics and the EUro Crisis” he has written down what economically and politically should be done and should be avoided in order to achieve this. But with what background has he written this book?

Bert has a degree in electric engineering. After completing his study, he started to work in the private sector. Consecutively for Philips Telecommunications, Siemens and Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN). He worked 17 years for the last company, always in senior management positions. After a while he became responsible for large business units. That is how he came to know the business sector like the back of one’s hand.

Later on, his professional focus shifted to the financial markets. This fitted very well with his interest in economics. And particularly with the political choices that can be made when it comes to economics. To what extend “different choices” are really possible, became clear to him when he got involved in the Swiss society. He got this opportunity, because he is married to a Swiss women.

Bert loves to travel and he has been able to do this almost his entire life. When he was a kid, his parents travelled with the family trough Europe by camper. Later, when he was a student, he travelled through Southern Africa. He revisited Africa several times since then. And he was able to visit Asia quite a few times the last 30 years. It helps him very much to understand why things are the way they are.