Economics, Politics and the Euro Crisis


The theme

Economics, politics and the Euro crisis have become important themes in today’s society particularly after the credit crisis of 2008. And they are closely related.

Economics is about how people can act in order to improve their situation or their environment. The basic principles of economics are not that difficult. It is about using common sense. Almost everybody can intuitively understand that saving before spending is a much better option than borrowing money. That the printing of money by governments in order to cover their budget deficits doesn’t bring prosperity, but is harmful for an economy. And that intrusive government and overregulation continuously slow down economic growth.

But the basic principles of economics are buried under a layer of political ideas. These political ideas are adopted by many people, because, superficially seen, they seem attractive. But the negative consequences on the economy are seldom understood.

A society can ignore basic economic laws for over half a century. But that will not be without consequences. That can be clearly seen in the economic development of several European countries. To put it simply, the more a country ignores these economic laws, the more the economic growth remains stagnant. And it caused also the Eurocrisis itself. If you want to know more about this, please follow this link.


The book “Economics, Politics and the Euro Crisis”

The basic principles of economics, their interrelation, and how they are influenced by politics, have always been fascinating themes to the author of this book. Besides that he has noticed that more and more people want to know how the credit crisis actually could develop, what is wrong with the Euro, or why the growth in many European economies is still stagnant. That is why he has written a book (for now only available in Dutch), titled “Economics, Politics and the EUrocrisis”. Actually the book is about “how prosperity develops and vanishes”.With this 150 pages book, he tries to provide the reader with the basic knowledge regarding this matter.

If you want to know more about the book, please click here, you can buy it here (for now only in Dutch version) and more about the background of the author can be found here (Dutch).